Tricolour Sandals


These colourful & vibrant Sandals are the perfect bright accessory to welcome in to your summer wardrobe. Made by the Wayuu indigenous women of Guajira Colombia, they has taken up to 3 days to make, each part is made by a different person and then assembled to make a truly unique 100% handmade pair. 

Each pair is intricately designed and made from cotton and natural materials, the base of the flip-flop is a thin leather reinforced with a strong sole for extra comfort. This makes the Sandals extremely durable and long lasting. The amazing colours and patterns are different for each pair we sell and there is only 1 available making these a must have, one off luxury fashion item. 

Perfect for everyday and also on holiday to compliment all of your summer outfits. All of our products are imported from Colombia and we support the indigenous Wayuu people by paying fair prices for their wonderful handcrafted products. A percentage of the money made from the sale of these is sent back to Colombia to provide home improvements for the makers.

Only 1 pair available 

Colours: Teal, bright pink, green, lilac & yellow