Aire Bag

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Our new collection of Arhuaca mochila bags are the perfect accessory for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe!

These bags are different to the Wayuu Mochila bags as they are made from wool, making them extra durable and long lasting. They are still 100% handmade and organic and take between 4 and 6 weeks to make, however these bags are made by the Arhuaco tribes people who live in northern Colombia in the Sierra Navada de Santa mountainous region about 26 miles from Colombia's Caribbean coast. 

The women that make these intricate and time consuming bags possess the energy and wisdom to create beautiful pieces and each bag symbolises ancient tradition and the thoughts and feeling of each maker. 

 Colour: Cream and Black  

 Every Bag is handmade from cotton & wool.

Hight: 26-27cm, Width:31-32 cm, base 18cm, Strap: 77 cm long aprox.

Shoulder bag.