Amareto Bag

£125.00 £179.00

Luxury Mochila Bag

This Faboules & stylish Mochila Bag is made by the Wayuu women of Guajira Colombia it has taken four weeks to make and is 100% handmade. Unlike the traditional mochila bags, this bag is made using and single strand of thread and a special technique to make the pattens thicker and to give it a strong weave.

This beautiful handcrafted mochila bag is one of the most desired fashion items on the market. Perfect for everyday and occasion, it complements any style or colour. 

When purchasing one of these must have fashion pieces you are supporting the indigenous Wayuu people by paying fair prices for their wonderful handcrafted bags. A percentage of the money made from the sale of these bags is sent back to Colombia to provide home improvements for the makers. Follow the link for more information on The Wayuu Women:

Every Bag is handmade from cotton.

Machine wash COLD gentle cycle.

Colour: Cream, tarracota, dark brown and muster yellow   

Hight: 26-27cm, Width:31-32 cm, Depth:31cm, Strap:102 cm long aprox.

Shoulder and cross body bag.