Chiquita, purse



This cute & practical case bag take few days to make and is 100% handmade. used the same method that traditional, double strand of thread to make the pattens very thick with a strong weave. Fastened with a zip, it is perfect for a purse or as a glasses case.

 Bag  are made by the Wayuu women of Guajira Colombia takes four weeks to make, and is 100% handmade. Using and single strand of thread and a special technique to make the pattens thicker and to give it a strong weave.
Using a personal symbols from the women make them.
cuisqiuta bag is an artistic expression of the wealth of their traditional culture and values and represent a colourful abstraction of the natural world in which they live.

This bag is make from Epiayu comiunities women.

Every Bag is legitimate, unique, genuine and handmade from cotton.

Machine wash COLD gentle cycle.

Weigh: 18cm, Width:9 cm, aprox.