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With every bag you buy you will receive 1 FREE mini purse. This little extra is perfect for make-up, money or even as a glasses case. 

Virgen Single colour Mochila Bag.

This Gorgeous & funky single colour Mochila Bag features a beautiful, colourful strap. Made by the Wayuu indigenous women of Guajira Colombia, it has taken two weeks to make and is 100% handmade. I have personally chosen and shipped all the bags from Colombia to sell from my home in Oxfordshire. 

Every Mochila Bag is unique and handmade using varying techniques and designs and is hand-crafted from cotton and natural materials. 

This bag is made using a double thread count to give a thick and strong weave. This technique makes the bags durable and long lasting and adds a differentiation from traditional bags . The strap is made by the Wayuu men using an old traditional technique. 

Perfect for everyday and occasion, it complements any style or colour. All our bags are imported from Colombia and we support the indigenous Wayuu people by paying fair prices for their wonderful handcrafted bags. A percentage of the money made from the sale of these bags is sent back to colombia to provide home improvements for the makers. Follow the link for more information on The Wayuu Women:

                           ********FREE PURSE********

As there are many different colours and designs of the FREE purse the colour will be different from the one in the picture. I will however make every effort to match it to the bag you have chosen, but this is not guaranteed.

This bag is made by Epieyu comiunities women.

Every Bag is unique and handmade from cotton.

Machine wash COLD gentle cycle.

Shoulder bag or cross body.

H 30-32cm, W 30-32 cm, d 35cm, strap 51cm long aprox.