Hat Citrico


The Wayuu Indigenous are known as the people of the sun, wind & sand, live in the Guajira very arid region of northern Colombia 

Hats are great new addition to our brandnative collection handmade in Punta Gallina Guajira, Colombia by the wayuu indigenous Men.

Each hat is 100% handmade and has taken over 1 day to make, colour is individually added to each hat and finished with pompoms made from our wayuu women.

All of our hats are unique and have been designed by the men and women that make them.

Made from 100% Iraka Palm straw and 100% cotton

When purchasing one of these must have fashion pieces you are supporting the indigenous Wayuu people by paying fair prices for their wonderful handcrafted bags.

 Follow the link for more information on The Wayuu Women and Men: http://brandnative.co.uk/pages/about-wayuu


Colour: Natural Straw with Orange pompom