A FOREVER bag that has taken at least 2 WEEKS to make, that when purchased makes a DIFFERENCE to someone else’s life! December 02 2016, 1 Comment

As Christmas approaches and people start to buy more and more presents we feel its an important time to reflect on what makes our brand truly unique and to show you how by buying a gift from brandnative you are directly helping support a family, not just throwing money at them but truly making their lives better and supporting them to grow their communities. Our mission is to create a sustainable future for these women by empowering them to build their own lives and businesses for years to come, and we can only do that by sharing their beautiful creations with you and by allowing you to play a part in their lives!


I am always blown away by the artistic art forms that these women are able to make with the designs of their bags, all the patterns come from them and although it is difficult to see on the pictures we share the care they take to create each one makes them fantastic quality and a bag you will have forever. When are take these bags to shows everyone is always amazed at how soft and durable each bag is and how it could have been made by hand. It is hard to imagine putting in the time and effort to commit to making something for 2, 3 even 6 weeks, but that is the amount of effort that goes in to each one of these bags. Compare this to the leather bags you would happily pay hundreds for that have been mass produced by a machine and it suddenly seems the right thing to invest money in…a FOREVER bag that has taken at least 2 WEEKS to make, that when purchased, makes a DIFFERENCE to someone else’s life.


A question we get asked a lot at brandnative is “How do you know that the people who make these bags are supported? ”It is a shame that this reaction comes from people who have seen brands who use a community to boost their reputations, but for brandnative the support we give these women in these communities is much more than simply picking the bags and designs, and then leaving them to create them, before shipping them to the UK. 

As the owner of the company I have made it my mission to support these women in the best way I can, whilst still keeping their traditions alive. After sending the tribe leaders mobile phones after the first sales of brandnative bags, I was suddenly able to communicate with them more easily and began to keep in touch with everything going on in their lives, I know what they need, I know what is happening in their families and how their children are getting on. I am amazingly inspired by these women and how despite where they live they are always so happy! The money that is made from the sale of brandnative bags is able to buy them water tanks, improved housing and even send some of them to school to receive an education! Whenever I am in Colombia I make a special effort to visit them, just to see how they are and to get to know everyone.


I hope this post has inspired you this Christmas to invest in something from brandnative, whether it’s a gift for you or a gift for someone else, you will always know that it is a gift to them. The more bags we can sell the more jobs we can give to other tribes and create a better life for all of them.


Here is a link to their collections, each one made with love!




Our Amazing Customers! November 12 2016, 0 Comments

If you are visiting any of these shops around the world be sure to pop in and see the wonderful items they have on offer!

Today we wanted to showcase the people that help brandnative by selling our bags in their shops and online, spreading these beautiful bags across the country and around the world!! We want to thank all of you for supporting brandnative and we hope you will continue to work with us in the future! :) 

Here is a selection of some of the shops that sell our bags! 

Vanilla Oxford 

Something Pretty for Amelie in Jersey


The Circus Sherbourne 


Claire Christian Couture 

Love Claudia x

Introducing our Newest Collection - The Arhuaca October 03 2016, 1 Comment

brandnative is always looking for new communities to help and support by sourcing and buying bags from different tribes across Colombia to keep the traditions and cultures alive. On a recent trip to Colombia, owner Claudia was attracted by a tribe she feels compliments the current brandnative bag and helps to foster relationships with a new tribe. 


These bags are different to the Wayuu Mochila bags as they are made from wool. They are still 100% handmade and organic and take between 4 and 6 weeks to make, however these bags are made by the Arhuaco tribes people who live in northern Colombia in the Sierra Navada de Santa mountainous region about 26 miles from Colombia's Caribbean coast. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a stunning pyramid-shaped mountain on the northern tip of the Andes in northern Colombia. Living on this sloping mountain with the Arhuaco are 3 other tribes and together the 4 tribes make up a population of over 30,000 people. 

The Arhuaca bags are bags that are the most recognisable items of the tribes and used mainly by men in their everyday life. Like the Wayuu tribes the Arhuaco women (Wati) are the predominant weaver of these bags. It is known in tradition that the women make bags specifically for their husbands and these are the only bags they use. These women possess the energy and wisdom to make these beautiful bags, each bag symbolises ancient tradition and the thoughts and feeling of each maker. 

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How Do You Wear Yours... September 16 2016, 1 Comment

One of the greatest feeling for brandnative is seeing our customers out and about with their brandnative bags and seeing how they style them! Everyone is different and it is amazing to see all of the unique style of all of customers! Here are a few of our most recent customers and their bags, thank you to everyone that sent them to us!! If you have one of our bags and would like to share your style with us. Email your pic to or tag us on social media @brandnative!! 

We love Colour in the Sun! August 03 2016, 1 Comment

Summer is well underway and apart from a few bits of rain here and there we are glad it's sticking around! 

Every year we love it when summer comes around and brings with it all the bright wonderful colours...and this year is no exception! We are so pleased that The Daily Express has decided to use one of our bags to showcase their bright trends of the year!! We love the shot and think it sums up brandnative's vibrant colourful attitude perfectly!!

We would love to know what you think?! What are your favourite colours for summer?? 

Pompom bags are great for holiday days out and switch perfectly to the evening!! They are also machine washable so no need to worry about the sand!! We have loads more colourful Pompom bags on our website at 25% OFF! 



Visiting My Home Country July 22 2016, 0 Comments

As some of you may have seen on social media or in my recent newsletter I am currently in my home country of Colombia. It is the first time in a long time that I have been able to visit on a personal trip and take my family. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to show them the incredible culture and traditions that they wouldn't normally get to see. 

Although I am not strictly here on business, I have taken some time out to visit some of the women that make our beautiful bags and also meet new ones at a trade show held for local artisans to showcase and sell there work. It was a great trip and gave me lots of ideas for new products to bring to you in the UK. 

Keep an eye out as I will be posting more pictures of my trip soon! I hope you are all enjoying the UK sunshine! :) 

A Summer of Colour July 13 2016, 1 Comment

Happy Holidays everyone! 

We know it's nearly time that the kids are off school and you will hopefully be off on a nice relaxing break away! We would love to know where you are off too and be sure to check out the SALE on our website to take one of our bags with you! 

We can't believe it is July already! Last month was a great month for brandnative. We attended 3 different events including Spirit of Summer in London. It was a brilliant event and we met so many fantastic people who bought our bags. If you were one of them, be sure to share your photos of you out and about with our handmade products. Here are a few we have already received! We love to see the individual style that people have when wearing our bags! 

Further to the wonderful events we were also over the moon to receive our copy of Vogue Magazine through the door, which we are delighted to be included in for the 3rd time! It is absolutely fantastic to be featured in such a prestigious publication and we love the bag they chose to include. Make sure you pick up your copy today! 


brandnative In The Press June 08 2016, 0 Comments

brandnative are always looking for ways to connect with people and spread the company message and this month is no exception. We are excited to be included in 2 new publications this month as well as another advertisement in Latino Life magazine! 

                  advert for latino life

We will soon be attending The Spirit of Summer event in London and so have been chosen to advertise in the prestigious Life Magazines. These Magazines are distributed across London and are full of information about business and local events! We are honoured to be alongside the cover star Lewis Hamilton and to be included in a great publication.

life magazines 


Keep you eyes peeled....

Mollie Makes

Later this month Mollie Makes is going to be doing an editorial article about our wonderful story for the next issue of their magazine released on the 23rd June. Let us know if you see it and what you think! :) 


Interviewed by Ta-Dah TV May 18 2016, 1 Comment

Scoop was an fantastic show where I met lots of amazing new people. One of those people was Claudia from Ta-Dah TV, she has a great energy and made me feel totally at ease when interviewing me about my company for her website. The website is described as "Your definitive magazine style internet channel for Europe, bringing you the latest in entertainment and lifestyle! Whatever is hot and happening – we’ll cover it for you to have fun and join in!" and features a great selection of fashion, music and entertainment articles and images. 

It's great to be able to showcase brandnative to the fashion world and share what our mission is for the brand!

I hope you enjoy the video! 


Pulse & Trip to Colombia April 30 2016, 0 Comments

Pulse is just around the corner and we are starting to get prepped with the arrival lots of new products!
I am currently in Colombia to source new unique products to bring from the beautiful Wayuu women to you! I can't wait to bring back more amazing stories of their life to share with you. 

We are also receiving a shipment this week containing wonderful new luxury bags, in a limited edition print, as well as the long awaited Pom Pom Sandals!!! We will be bringing these along to the show for you to see the beautiful quality and craftsmanship of these one of a kind products. 


I would love to know if you are planning to be at the show and please feel free to come and visit me at stand E82, I would love to see you and have the opportunity to show you the fabulous products brandnative have to offer.