Fashion Sustainability September 18 2015, 0 Comments

At brandnative I want to provide not just fashion for today, but fashion for tomorrow and the future. With “Fast Fashion Week” just around the corner I have been reflecting on the fashion industry and what brandnative offers that the other big brands don’t. The people that I work with are not working from season to season to create collections. They are working to create a beautiful quality product that supports their livelihood and helps provide them with all the equipment they need to survive. I am committed to my ethos of offering responsibility, sustainability and passion.


Although the fashion in Fashion Week is on trend, it is superficial in its approach to the future and does not fulfil the feelings of personality and passion that can be felt when buying something that directly benefits the people who put hard work in to making it.


You may see different versions of the bags we have on our website, but many of these bags have been bought as one-offs in the markets of Colombia. At brandnative I am always working with the indigenous people who live in these areas, allowing them to produce timeless pieces of fashion for me that can be consistently produced year on year in order to provide a living for years to come.


Stella McCartney is an inspirational woman I look up in her work towards sustainability. The way she looks to the future of the fashion industry is exactly the way I want my company to work and the same goal I want to achieve by working closely with the Wayuu communities.

“We think that being modern means considering the future, not just the future of design, but also the future of the planet. We are dedicated to helping change people’s perception of eco fashion. We think that sustainability can take the form of beautiful and modern clothing and accessories.”

 Brandnative is only run by one woman. Working alone means I am only able to help a few communities from my business and provide them with enough work to keep the business going. Money from the sale of each bag is sent back to the small community, with the rest going in to keeping the business going and growing. It is only a small amount but it is a step in the right direction in helping a community that needs it.