The brandnative Model August 24 2015, 0 Comments

Finding a model that has passion, energy and enthusiasm for the brand can be difficult and expensive. That is why I chose my daughter, Annie to model my beautiful bags. As you can see from the images, she is young, energetic and really understands the look I want to give to my bags and she has the perfect style to portray it. I feel that having her work with me is a great way for her to see what it takes to run a business and I hope it inspires her to work hard at her passion. 

All of the brandnative bags are made using an ancient tradition that is taught to the women of the families in Colombia, from mother to daughter to granddaughter. This spirit of working together as mother and daughter is one that I am passionate about representing throughout my whole company and is why working with my daughters is so important to me. 

As well as using Annie as the model, I also love to use images I get from friends and customers. I want my brand to be authentic and show the bags being used in a natural, real life setting and what better way than in the arms of my customers. I think it is important to show real women with my bags and not a ‘photoshopped’ version, I want to encourage women to be confident about their style and look.


My younger daughter, Emily has also shown interest in working with me and I hope to feature her in the new mini mochila collections, that I will be shooting next month.

 If you would like to share you with your brandnative Mochila bag with me, please email them to: or tag @brandnative on social media.