Get behind Wayúu women January 09 2015, 0 Comments

Add your voice to theirs by supporting artisan crafts

It is late afternoon and the light is dappled in the bamboo as Wayuu’s fingers work her crochet hook relentlessly. At her side, her 5-year-old daughter winds the cotton into a ball.‘Mochila’ simply means ‘bag’ in Spanish and one bag will take Wayuu about three weeks to make. While her husband works in the mine, Wayuu weaves and crochets. The money she will make from her Mochila tops up her husband’s income just enough so that the family can survive. They can afford food and shelter, and to send the children to school, but not medicine or transportation to hospital. 

Wayúu women are responsible for handing down their skills, traditions, and way of life to their children. In this matriarchal society, the family name and responsibility for the children’s education is passed down the mother’s line, rather than the father’s. 

The Wayúu women are masters of their craft, weaving beautiful bags in vibrant colours. Crafting Mochila bags gives women autonomy and independence. Some share their husbands with other women, and while their husband’s income pays for food, the weaving and sale of a Mochila bag will be money that belongs to her, to manage as she sees fit. 

By purchasing a Mochila bag from Brand Native, you are sending money directly to the Wayúu who made it. 

You are showing your support for a way of life that is being choked by large corporations. 

You are adding your voice to theirs.